Outsourcing-the best solution for your company


The Implementation of outsourcing resources service is a solution which simplifies processes and reduces the direct costs of your Organization, in non-core areas.

The term Outsourcing, can be interpreted differently by each customer, depending on his needs and his strategic approach, which he feels is necessary to achieve his goals and its business objectives.


Aginx Company however specializes in providing outsourcing services to Organizations by using a multidisciplinary approach, meaning we fully understand the Core Business and Business objectives of the customer This approach has ensured Aginix leads the field in the outsourcing sector.


Aginix prides itself on employing only the most experienced and highly qualified professionals in the  software, hardware and infrastructure communications sectors

Aginx offers advanced outsourcing services firstly by analyzing the business values of your company and secondly  by assigning the most , suitable Aginix professional  who matches and understands the  organizational culture of the customer..


Aginix develops outsourcing projects while ensuring a daily close relationship with the customer.

We guarantee full responsibility and support to our customers, as well as ensuring our customer receives the most cost effective, on time and within budget solution.

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