Security Control Systems and Low Voltage

Control and security systems are constantly being developed and today, they are used as the main principal in projects planning. The combination of correct and early planning will ensure the system operates efficiently for years to come, by taking into account your organizational profile and system requirements, Aginx will help you to plan and implement the most suitable and technically advanced systems.


Our meticulous approach regarding reliability and survivability is vital, as it meets the stringent demands of your Security officer, thereby ensuring he remains in the comfort zone.


Low voltage systems, control and security- Aginix takes full responsibility for the planning, combination and the integration


Aginx specializes in planning, engineering and the full integration of security control systems/


Aginx retains a highly professional team of experts within the low voltage and security systems domain, they stay with the customer from the initial phase of the program, including the budget estimate, until the final phase of implementing the system at the customer site.


 Aginix specializes in the design, engineering and planning of:


  • Control systems, security, and collection of computerized-alerts INDOOR/OUTDOOR
  • Discovery System, break-in and distress – linear and wireless.
  • Central control systems – HMI.
  • Closed circuit television systems – CCTV.
  • Fully integrated digital video recording systems.
  • Fire detection systems and shutting down smoke systems.
  • Public address systems and public emergency systems.
  • Administrative and operational Intercom Systems.
  • Access control systems to structures and parking lot, security tables and counters.

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