Communication and Research Department

Aginix has a full team of engineers, analysts and communication professionals, as well as External experts when required.


Research department’s activities area:


  • Comprehensive analysis of the Israeli communication market
  • Developing active strategies in the local media market.
  • Analyzing internet, data communication, cellular and stationary line, markets.
  • Market segmentation analysis.
  • Testing and evaluation of existing and future telecommunication products.
  • Testing and evaluation of developing telecommunication products.
  • Market penetration strategies.
  • Communication facilities management strategies.
  • Negotiation with communication provider’s strategies.
  • Product penetration to the market.


The Aginix Research Department helps IT managers, financial officers, communication officers, research and planning departments and of course to the CEO’s of organizations.


Aginix can help you to make the best decisions about a new service or a new product in the market.


Aginix offers you the best knowledge and experience in order to achieve your business goals and maximize your revenue.

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