Diagnostics in Data and Telecommunication

Dose technologies serve the human resources effectively in your organization?


Do customers complain about defective telephone answering in your organization?


If you want to check the level of service in your organization, Identify bottlenecks, examine the bandwidth utilization of communication lines and Internet access – Aginix can help you answer these questions and more.


All things that are measured and tested – leads to better management and a satisfied customer!


Aginix has the most professional personnel with in the technology communication sector, and subsequently we help you make the best and most affective decisions for your organization, such as:


  • Telephony communications traffic analysis: Incoming and outgoing calls
  • Load analyzing as well as performing statistics, identifying bottlenecks in the data communication and providing solutions in accordance.
  • Adjusting the number of lines and extensions to the organization and its needs.
  • Characterization of communications expenses, emphasis on efficiency and savings.
  • Providing solutions for maximum communication utilization.
  • Network integration solutions: Voice, Data, IP.
  • Technology – Communication consulting, assistance in decision-making processes of the organization.


Voice communication, infrastructure and switchboard environment


  • Infrastructure consulting and planning, "smart binding", and switchboard environment.
  • Systemic topology construction for switchboard and infrastructure in the organization.
  • Planning communication rooms.
  • IVR operating systems consultation, voice box, calls routers, fax server systems, unified messaging and music on hold.
  • Examination and saving in the maintenance of systems.
  • Advanced solutions for international communication.
  • Combination of integrative systems, call center, CTI, IVR, voice mail and recording systems.
  • Combining the switchboard with the global mobile network.

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