Control and Communication Costs Management

In every organization there are many expenses, especially communication expense, such as telephony, internet, switchboards, cellular, infrastructures and more.


Aginix offers you full monitoring on your organization communication costs, methods for efficiency and cost savings.


Join our customers that have benefited from these services and have even received retroactive refunds from communication providers as long as seven years previous.


Maximum efficiency with minimum costs:


  • Billing systems control
  • Aginix will be in treatment with your communication providers in order to receive retroactive refunds.
  • An examination of trends and changes of communication costs in the organization.
  • Compare between the communication costs rates of all your organization’s existing communications providers.
  • Costs reports distribution – monthly, quarterly or every median.
  • Building an annual organizational budget for communication expenses.
  • Full access to the organization accounts online.
  • Savings optimization solutions in communication costs.

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